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How much is a 1943 silver wheat penny worth?. What is the value of a 1943 silver wheat penny? It's made of steel, not silver, and it's shiny because it's plated in zinc. Is your 1943 penny rare? The answer depends on the composition of the 1943 penny. If the penny has a silver color, it is made out of steel with a zinc coating to make it look nicer and protect it from rusting. They are fairly common in nice condition since people tended to save them when they were first issued because they were unusual.

The 1943 silver wheat penny is made of steel coated with zinc. During World War 2, every bit of copper was needed to make shell casings. Therefore the penny was made out of steel during 1943 so. Pricing the 1943 Lincoln Penny. When it comes to determining the value of a coin like the 1943 Lincoln, this is something that will depend on a few different factors. For one, there were up to 3 different types of coins produced each year. Understanding this, the value of a 1943 Lincoln will vary based on its type. The unique composition of the coin low-grade steel coated with zinc, instead of the previously 95%-copper-based bronze composition has led to various nicknames, such as wartime cent, steel war penny, and steelie. The 1943 steel cent features the same Victor David Brenner design for the Lincoln cent which had been in use since the first in 1909.

1943 P Lincoln Wheat Cent Steel Cent: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Buy & Sell This Coin. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. The 1944 wheat pennies have value as numismatic coins. Keep reading to learn more about these one cent coins. Specifications. Type: Wheat Penny Year: 1944 Face Value: $0.01 Composition: 95% copper, 5% zinc Total Weight: 3.11 grams The US minted the 1944 wheat penny with no mint mark and also the 1944 D wheat penny and 1944 S wheat penny.

Think you might have a rare 1943 penny? Wondering how much a 1943 silver wheat penny is worth? Even though your 1943 penny might look silvery in color, technically, you have a 1943 steel penny. See the current value here. Websites dedicated to coin collecting and coin enthusiasts, such as Coin Values, provide current value information for 1943 steel pennies. Coin Value's chart includes all known variants and conditions, so that each penny can be individually evaluated and valued.

People don’t like to believe something so old could have so little value, but it is true. People are also much too willing to accept that any piece of metal that is brown, says 1943, and looks like a wheat cent has to be an authentic 1943 bronze or copper penny.

Below is a complete list of values for every wheat penny made, save two. The 1943 copper wheat penny is not listed because it is rare and worth thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The 1955 double die wheat penny is not listed either, as it is also worth thousands.

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