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The present study focuses on outbreak of new deadly disease being found spread in many tropical areas by bats through a viral particle named Nipah belonging to a class of RNA virus. Its incidence in major parts of India and its boundary countries, case studies of the same with symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention are presented in this study. Nipah virus by capture enzyme immunoassay. We enrolled 11 case-patients and 33 neighborhood controls in a case-control study. The only exposure significantly associated with illness was drinking raw date palm sap 64% among case-patients vs. 18% among controls, odds ratio [OR] 7.9. 07.11.2013 · Parashar UD, Sunn LM, Ong F, Mounts AW, Arif MT, Ksiazek TG, Kamaluddin MA, Mustafa AN, Kaur H, Ding LM, Othman G, Radzi HM, Kitsutani PT, Stockton PC, Arokiasamy J, Gary HE, Jr, Anderson LJ. Case–control study of risk factors for human infection with a new zoonotic paramyxovirus, Nipah virus in Malaysia. Nipah disease is a zoonotic viral infection described in 1999 in Malaysia, during an outbreak of severe encephalitis in humans, associated with a highly contagious respiratory and neurologic disease in swine. 1 The mortality in hospitalized patients varied between 1 and 77%, but the exact mortality rate in pigs is unknown. The persistence and circulation of the virus within the bat population. Since this outbreak, no subsequent cases in neither swine nor human have been reported in either Malaysia or Singapore. In 2001, NiV was again identified as the causative agent in an outbreak of human disease occurring in Bangladesh. Genetic sequencing confirmed this virus as Nipah virus, but a strain different from the one identified in 1999.

NIPAH WILDLIFE STUDIES Numerous wild animals trapped and tested 8 different species of fruit bats sampled 4 of the 8 species had antibody against Nipah virus Nipah virus isolated: In urine from Pteropus hypomelanus in Malaysia In Urine from Pteropus lylei in Thailand 15. The Nipah Bangladesh strain Nipah virus-BD is approximately 91% identical in genome sequence to the Nipah Malaysia strain Nipah virus-MY. In 2015, there was a Nipah virus outbreak in the Philippines which affected 17 individual with a case mortality reaching 80% for those developing neurological symptoms. The Nipah virus has been classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Category C agent. The name "Nipah" refers to the place, Sungai Nipah in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, the source of the human case from which Nipah virus was first isolated. Update: Outbreak of Nipah Virus -- Malaysia and Singapore, 1999. During March 1999, health officials in Malaysia and Singapore, in collaboration with Australian researchers and CDC, investigated reports of febrile encephalitic and respiratory illnesses among workers who had exposure to pigs 1.

Region [23]. A telemetry study tracked the movements of three pteropid species P. alecto, P. vampyrus and P. neohibernicus which all were found to cover large distances between countries [24]. These are NiV and hendravirus carrying species. This has generated intensive surveillance for evidence of Nipah virus infection in bats in these countries. made from the second case that it is the dreaded nipah infection. Following that 18 cases tested positive for nipah virus infection of which 2 survived. Also there were four deaths with similar clinical picture but which occurred before the virus was identified. They were considered as probable cases. Introduction Human Nipah virus was first.

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